Thursday, 18 July 2013

14 months

Dear Baby (can't call you that for much longer though!),

14 months old eh? A lot's changed in the last month. You're more confident on your feet, more interested in everything that's around you, and so so chatty. Life's not quiet with you around, that's for sure!

At 14 months you are...

Taking a few steps! Feels like such a big milestone, those first steps. You're too wobbly to do more than about 3 at the moment, but I can just see that one of these days you're going to surprise me by toddling off, as if it's no big deal. Every day you're sturdier, standing on your own for longer, making the odd dash between chairs and tables.

Adding more words to your repertoire. So far we have 'schooooosch' (shoes), 'mamamamama', 'dadadadada', 'eeeeesch' (keys) and 'dah!' (cat/dog). You burble very emphatically now, pointing as you chat - you obviously really know what you're saying. It reminds me of these chatty toddlers.

Busy busy busy. Pottering around, carrying pegs to and fro, collecting a book to read, finding your drink. You don't like to sit still for long!

Still loving to join in with songs. You do the actions for Twinkle Twinkle and Wind the Bobbin Up, and you surprised me hugely by doing some of the actions for Wheels on the Bus at playgroup this morning! Clever clogs. I've discovered that singing Little Peter Rabbit complete with actions distracts you enough to let me put suncream on your face, while Round and Round the Garden/Haystack/Lighthouse works well for the rest of you. Bingo!

Loving: keys to jingle, cats and dogs, 'helping' me hang the washing out, playing with the pegs, teddy, twinkle twinkle, picture books, fiddling with the clip on your highchair, sitting in your tent, eyelashes, going on the swings (you actually squeal with excitement when you see them!).

Not liking: wearing hats (still...), being made to have your nappy changed, wearing a bib, not being able to play with the remote/my phone/the TV, cucumber, brioche, strawberries, being left on your own, the splash pad in the park.

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