Wednesday, 31 July 2013

A home fit for a Queen (bee)

Mum and Dad's bird box has been taken over by some much smaller winged furry friends...

After some online sleuthing, we discovered they are Red-tailed Bumblebees. As they're not the classic black and yellow striped bee, I assumed that they must be rare...not so it seems, they're very common! We're calling in at Mum and Dad's before we all head off on our holiday next week, so I'll be checking out whether the bees are still ensconced in their bird box hotel or have flown off to pastures new.


  1. They're certainly very pretty, unusual bees with their darker colours. I hope they don't disturb any birds that use the box too much. x

    1. Ooh I hadn't thought of that. Hopefully the bees will be long gone before any birds want to nest in it. Fingers crossed!


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