Thursday, 25 July 2013

Flapjacks for little fingers

When I make flapjack, I drizzle in piles of golden syrup and a generous amount of butter. So gooey and sticky...but not so baby friendly. Can you imagine, you'd be trying to wash the stickiness out of their hair for days!

However convenient baby snacks may be, there's no avoiding how expensive they are. I could easily spend a small fortune on the tiny crackers, individually wrapped bars and vegetable crisps...but no more! Last week I decided I needed to try making my own snacks - something that's easier for my little one to eat out and about than grapes/mushy banana/crumb-tastic bread, but doesn't cost 40p per bar.

So, after 30 mins in the kitchen (yup, they're speedy), I give you...

Flapjacks for Little Fingers:

200g porridge oats (I used a mix of oats and oatmeal as it needed using up)
200g dried fruit (I did a mix of raisins, apricots and prunes - go easy on the prunes in case of nappy explosions!)
100g butter, cubed
1 banana (I used one that had been frozen so it was already mushy, but if it's fresh, just mash it up with a fork).

1 Weigh out the oats and put them in a large bowl.
2. Melt the butter slowly in a pan. While it's melting, put the dried fruit in a blender and whizz until it turns into a lumpy paste. (It will form a rather unappealing lump in the mixer when it's done!).
3. Put the dried fruit paste in with the oats and squish together with your hands until well combined.
4. Pour over the melted butter and mix again (just be careful if the butter is still hot).
5. Put in a tin and press down with a fork until it's about 1 inch thick.
6. Bake in Gas 5/190C for 10-15 mins.
7. Cut into cubes or strips while it's still warm, and then leave to cool in the tin.

This recipe can of course be tweaked to your little one's current likes - I reckon most dried fruits would work as long as they are quite sticky (dried mango/pineapple might need something like raisins or pear with them to bind it I think).

Because I'm a cheapskate and like to see how much money I've saved, I wanted to work out what these cost per bar. This recipe quantity made 20ish bars. Ingredients cost just over £2 ish, depending on where you shop and the ratio of dried fruit used...so, 10p a bar! I do love a bargain!

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