Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Lavender's blue: Nature in the Home

We were in need of some sweet-smelling lavender in our living room this week. Over the past few months we've been noticing little beetles gathering at our windows....the dreaded woodworm. Ugh. As much as old houses are lovely, they aren't half full of problems too! So on Monday, the boards were lifted and drenched with 20 litres (!) of woodworm-killing-spray (technical term there...). Days later, it still has a chemical tang in the air, so this evening, I picked some sprigs of lavender to try and make the air more fragrant.

Our garden is full of swathes of lavender - both French (which you can see here) and English. The English lavender is much paler than others I've seen, and has a less cloying smell. Delicate in both scent and colour.

This simple lavender posy is my contribution to Nature in the Home over at Little Green Shed.


  1. Beautiful little posy, lavender is one of my absolute favourite scents :)

  2. Such a pretty posy and gorgeous pictures. I love lavender too. xx

  3. So simple and beautiful. The colour of that lavender is exquisite

  4. I adore lavender, summer wouldn't be complete here without a visit to the local Lavender farm and a return to the house with armfuls of the stuff to be hung in the attic to dry. But always English lavender for me, it is simply perfect.

    Beautiful pics Helen :)

  5. Such an elegant little bouquet, and this rope string so simple and beautiful! /maria :)

  6. Lavender is one of my favourite plants I have lots in the garden - lovely photos x


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