Sunday, 21 July 2013

The Garden Diaries: #1

A new series of posts, so I can document my garden over the seasons. I take so many photographs of my garden each week, noticing new growth, a plant I hadn't spotted before, fruits slowly ripening. But the photos end up stashed in the depths of my computer's hard drive, never to see the light of day again. I want to create a photo diary of how my garden grows. To notice the colour changes. What grows well. What needs rehoming. It seems apt to start now, with a garden that is full of bright blooms and the start of fruit and vegetable feast.

Nigella - Love in a Mist / Passion Flower twizzles / Anenome bud / the Roses are having a second flush / Penstemon / Hydrangea - love this inbetween stage / Veronica? / Could be another Penstemon? Not sure / Echinops...nearly there! / Tomatoes -I'm guessing these will all ripen when we're on holiday...grr! / the Pear tree is so laden with fruit / Runner Beans / bolted Spinach 


  1. What beautiful photos. There's a lot of lovely going on in your garden right now!

    I know what you mean though - we've been in our house seven years and I'm still figuring out what does well where each year. x

    1. Most of the lovely is down to the previous owner - we hit the jackpot with this garden!x

  2. I love the passion flower twizzles :)


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