Sunday, 28 July 2013

The Garden Diaries: #2

 a bee-n visitor / first beans ready! tea tomorrow I think / this cucumber hasn't been looking happy - it's perked up now it's found a cane to climb / and has grown its first cucumber! / bean flowers heading skywards / dewy grass - the garden has looked relieved to have all this rain the past few days / that pale nigella from last week has turned purple /sedum / not sure of the name of this blue flower / agapanthus / can't remember what this pink flower is called - really must draw out the plan of the garden! / echinops are bee-magnets / beautifully pink hydrangeas / all the sun and rain has meant the weeds have taken over patches of the garden...whoops / love these twizzles, they're so good / this rose smells gorgeous / sweet peas still going strong.


  1. You have an amazing garden!
    Great photos!
    Have a lovely week,

  2. What a wonderful garden. My Nigella are only just starting to come out. You have captured it beautifully here.

    Leanne xx

  3. Your garden is looking fabulous!

  4. What lovely photos, you've captured those plants so well. It looks all hazy and summery - I can imagine the sound of bees buzzing. x


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