Friday, 19 July 2013

This Week: July #3

Phew, it's been a scorcher! Lots of fun outdoors this week, plus lots of staying inside keeping cool too.
1. Starting the week with strawberry picking. There was a lot of late night jamming on hot evenings going on in our house this week.
2 & 3. The sunshine has lured out all the butterflies and bees to buzz around the lavender. 
4 & 5. Teddy needed a bath this week after a nappy crisis. Say no more.
6. Playing with ice packs to keep cool. 
7. My courgette plants are being very generous in all this sunshine - which means I need some new courgette recipes. Any recommendations?
8. Girl's got style.
9. At the splashpad, for the second time this week. First time she was really not keen, second time was slightly more successful. Still didn't want to let go of my hand though. I got soaked!

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