Sunday, 14 July 2013

This Week: July#2

1. Pea, broad bean, asparagus and mint risotto was a hit this week.
2. First radish harvest, woop!
3. Morning sunshine.
4. More sweet peas in flower. The garden has really upped its pace.
5 & 6. Playing in the water tray I used to play with as a child, in Grandma and Grandad's garden. She wasn't super keen on it but did like the odd splash. (These photos make me really want to finally get to grips with using my flash for portraits in bright sunshine. I must experiment. Any tips?)
7. Lie down near this one and she'll crawl over, stick her thumb in her mouth and cuddle your head. So cute, but really not practical when you're trying to do sit ups!


  1. Beautiful pictures! Those radishes look so good and your risotto looks yummy. Can't help you with the flash question as I never use it and I'm too lazy to learn! x

    1. I've been too lazy to learn too! Feel like it would be useful to know...my experiments leave me none the wiser though! x

  2. Such lovely lovely pictures, as always! I've just added you to my blogroll at last! x

    1. Thank you, and thank you! You're very kind!x


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