Saturday, 24 August 2013

15 months

Dear my favourite girl,

This past month has flown by in a flash. I think I've spent most of it chasing after you as you toddle around. Yes, you're walking! Argh, eeek, and woo in equal measures.

At 15 months you are...

Up on your feet more and more. In the past few weeks you've made the change from just crawling when there was further to go, to walking all the time. You've figured out how to get to to your feet without having to pull yourself up too. You're well away. A shoe shopping trip was needed this week. You'll be running, skipping and jumping next, yeah?! Argh! 

Talking all the time. Reading books to yourself, singing twinkle twinkle (well, at least, I think that's what you're doing. You're doing the 'diamond' action, but I guess you could be singing Rihanna's 'Shine Bright Like a Diamond'. Let's hope not eh?), chatting about this dog you've just seen in the park. I can't understand most of what you say, but there are a few favourite words that crop up time and time again. Gonnnnnnne is most popular at the moment, swiftly followed by dada which now means Daddy, Mummy, Grandma, Grandad, Uncle E, Uncle S, a random man walking down the road, a picture of a baby in a magazine....you get the picture. I'm almost certain you said your first 'sentence' the other day too - Daddy left for work, so you said dada gonnnnnne. Definite genius. Schoooosch (shoes), eeeesch (keys) and schhhhhh (zip) all remain favourites, as does da for dog/cat/other furry creature, doowwwwwwwwnnn for when teddy gets hurled from the cot, and schwnnnnn for when you see the swings!

Screeching like a foghorn. This is one of you favourite things to do at the moment. I'm not so keen. If you're bored/wanting to get out of the pushchair/hungry/thirsty/wanting a snack/wanting that weird looking doll you've just seen on the shelf in the charity shop, you emit this eurhhhhhhhhhh noise. It's SO loud. People turn round to see where the megaphone is, while I'm trying to make a hasty exit from wherever we are to try and save people's eardrums. I think it's just because you can't verbalise what you're wanting, so you get frustrated. I'm going to dig out our baby signing book to see if that can help. 

Loving: having books read to you (you bring them to me and grin as I lift you onto my lap), growling when something is good, growling when you don't like/want something, clicking your tongue when we mention breakfast time/lunchtime/dinnertime, wearing hats (finally!) keys to jingle, cats and dogs, 'helping' me hang the washing out, playing with the pegs, teddy, twinkle twinkle, picture books, fiddling with the clip on your highchair, eyelashes, going on the swings (you actually squeal with excitement when you see them!).

Not liking: being made to have your nappy changed, not being able to play with the remote/my phone/the TV, being left on your own, being awake in the car.

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