Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The adventures of Teddy

Teddy puts up with a lot. 
He's a well-loved bear. 
Tightly cuddled every evening. 
Dragged round the floor. 
Thrown from the pushchair. 
Face down in the grass. 
Dressed, and undressed. 
Uncomplaining, he has his teeth brushed.
Shoved in the washing machine with the door rudely closed on his face. 

Good job he's got a kind furry heart.
(it's also a good job we've got a Teddy#2, should this one ever go wandering...!)

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  1. Look at her little face cuddling her Ted! Adorable! We have "Smart Teddy" a bear in a tie who's very well loved. I think Pinky Pancake, a little flat mouse, is her favourite though, it's always getting cuddles!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...


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