Friday, 2 August 2013

This Week: August #1

1. Our first bean harvest of the year. 
2. This poor sausage has had a tough week of teeth. Very clingy, very cuddly, and chewing on everything she can get her hands on. And still waking at 5am every morning. Ugh. Thankfully R takes turns with me to get up with her, so I'm not a zombie every day.
3. The garden has been bursting with butterflies this week. After reading about the Big Butterfly Count on Bee's blog, I think I'll be printing out the identification chart for my nature-mad cousin to fill in on holiday next week.
4. Grown-up cutlery and whatever Mummy and Daddy are drinking are flavour of the week. She wants our forks, spoons, and mugs whenever she can get them. So I bought some new cutlery for her...nope, still wants the proper stuff! Love this plate by Ingela Arrhenius. I can see myself wanting to buy others that are in the same range - the bird and the hedgehog are lovely too!
5. It's all about putting things on this week. She wants to wear bibs whenever she finds one, teddy had to wear a nappy, and pants must always be worn on the head...
6. Chatting to the bees and butterflies. (With peg for chewing!)
7. Raspberries for pudding.


  1. Lovely, happy photos! That cutlery and plate is fab. My two are too old for the cutlery - but not the plate. :-) x

  2. I just adore the first picture, with those gorgeous little bang fingers sneaking in! And the cutlery is fantastic! Please tell me where it's from! I wants some!!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  3. Oh what a lovely butterfly photo and I adore those plates too ... I was contemplating a few for the wall ... hope you have a wonderful holiday and enjoy hunting butterflies :) ... Bee xx

  4. Love these! She is so adorable. We have had a week of teething and putting nappies on toys too! Hope those teethy pains subside soon xx


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