Friday, 16 August 2013

This Week: August #3

1. I love this photo. A moment of laughter in a week where we've had an unhappy girl a lot of the time. I'm blaming it all on teeth. It seems to be passing now though. Today has been full of sleepiness and snuggles, but she's been much merrier. Fingers crossed it continues.
2. I was a very lucky birthday girl last week and got a nifty fifty lens to play with. Hence random photos of the house as I experiment with it!
3. My grand plans to read at least two books whilst on holiday last week failed dismally. I'm loving The Dud Avocado though. Funny, smart, and beautifully jacketed. Lovely.
4. Wedding anniversary number three this week. Can't believe it's been three years already. I was treated to a lovely bunch of fleurs from the same florist we used to do our wedding flowers. I had dusky pink roses and herbs similar-ish to these.

From the lack of photos on my camera this week, it would appear it has been a pretty quiet, inconsequential week. Not so! Shelving, cupboards and wardrobe doors have been fitted, plus two more sash windows reconditioned. Lots of mess and wood dust everywhere, ugh! Plus, I've had some actual proper paid writing work which is very exciting and has been taking up every spare minute I've had. So busy times...just not so photogenic!

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  1. Sounds like a monumental week! You always take such beautiful pictures too xx

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