Sunday, 29 September 2013


"A portrait of my baby, once a week, every week, in 2013."
Post nap. Flushed pink cheeks.

Joining in with Che and Fidel.

Friday, 27 September 2013

This Week: September#4

1. I love this dress and have been waiting so long for it to fit her properly!
2. So blurry, but I love the colours in this. Rediscovering velvet ribbon.
3. Giggles.
4. Garden helper.
5. Books books books. With finished shelves in our living room, so began the big task of sorting through and alphabetising... (I'm that kind of person! - tempted as I was to organise them by colour!)
6. Cleaning helper.
7. Love these two colours together. Two recent bargains - plant from Lidl, vase from Matalan.
8. Postman Pat face.
9. A Great-Grandma special. Love this chunky cardi.

Next week's This Week photos will have a Spanish flavour - we've just booked a few days away in Barcelona next week! I'm looking forward to a few days of good food, amazing architecture, and running around after an excited toddler in the sunshine!

Thursday, 26 September 2013


There is so much of this colour in the shops at the moment. The colour of ripening blackberries and crunchy leaves. Here are a few things that have caught my eye...


Tuesday, 24 September 2013

We like to read

When We Went to the Park by Shirley Hughes.

Shirley Hughes' books are always a popular read in our house. No matter where the books are in the shelves, my little one manages to dig them out. She presents the book to us, with a little grin on her face, and gives the chair a pat. That little grin swiftly grows as she is lifted onto our laps to read. With her thumb in her mouth, and the other hand twiddling hair, she's ready for a story...

When We Went to the Park is a simple counting tale, following a young girl and her Grandad as they wander to the park to see the ducks, the autumn leaves and the dogs, before ambling home again. Full of Hughes' beautifully evocative illustrations, this is one book I don't mind reading again and again. The book has a timeless quality to it (though it was published before I was born!). It's full of things that toddlers will always love - cats sat on walls, dogs running past, children kicking a ball, and heaps of crunchy leaves to kick. It feels very apt to be reading it in late September - the book has that autumnal sunshine feel. Warm enough for ice-creams, but cool enough for a coat.

Finally getting myself organised to write about the books we love to read at home (and join in with Tigerlilly Quinn's link up).


Monday, 23 September 2013


"A portrait of my baby, once a week, every week, in 2013."
This velvet ribbon, draped from her hands, is never forgotten. Though it may be buried at the bottom of her bag of fabrics, this is always the piece she finds. To twirl around her neck, scarf-like.

Joining in with Che and Fidel.

Friday, 20 September 2013

This Week: September#3

1. First wellies! New to us from the local NCT Nearly New Sale. A tad big at the moment, but she was so excited to put them on! Bring on the puddles!
2. New jumper. I couldn't resist.
3. I love a good paint chart. Some of the new Farrow and Ball colours are gorgeous. I want to paint a room in 'Stiffkey Blue'. I just don't have a room that needs painting at the moment! (For once!)
4. Curly quiff.
5. Corduroy dresses have been the order of the week. Plus snuggling on the bean bag by the window. (The bean bag that my mum made about 30 years ago!)
6. Moon-tastic.
7 & 8. The theme of the week - headwear and book-clutching.
9. Little bunny.
10. I love the watery glass in the old windows.

Thursday, 19 September 2013

16 months

Dear my favourite girl,

At 16 months you are...

So confident on your feet. Crawling is very rare now - you're much happier toddling around the house, book in one hand and teddy in the other. You're understanding so much more now too - if I ask you where your shoes/highchair/teddy/coat is, you wander off purposefully and come back clutching said object (or go and pat the highchair, as if to say 'Yes please, food now!'). 

Favourite words: 'gonnnne', 'dowwwwn', 'dada', 'mumum', 'schoosch' (shoes), 'eeeesch' (keys), 'eeeesch' (cheese), 'schhhh' (zip), 'schwnnnn' (swing) and 'da' (yes). You'll sign 'more' and 'please' too which make mealtimes much more peaceful (less of the 'ehhhhhhhhhhhhh!' we used to get when you wanted some more food! 

Loving: having books read to you (you bring them to me and grin as I lift you onto my lap - favourite books are ones with plenty to look at, like The Baby's Catalogue), growling when something is good, growling when you don't like/want something, waving your hand and frowning to say no, clicking your tongue when we mention breakfast time/lunchtime/dinnertime, wearing hats (finally!), keys to jingle, cats and dogs, 'helping' me hang the washing out, teddy, picture books, fiddling with the clip on your highchair, putting things in the washing machine, any book by Shirley Hughes, trying to put your own bib on at teatime, climbing the stairs (whilst saying 'down' as you go up!), playing with the dollies and pushchair at playgroup, tickling mummy and daddy (and being tickled!), giving teddy/bunny/doggy a drink from your cup, and Postman Pat.

Not liking: being made to have your nappy changed, not being allowed to cuddle all the teddies in the charity shops, running out of food in the pushchair, and other children playing with the push-along furry dog at playgroup. 

Sunday, 15 September 2013


"A portrait of my baby, once a week, every week, in 2013."

This jumper. First worn by my older cousins, then by me and both my brothers. Now it's hers.

Joining in with Che and Fidel.

Saturday, 14 September 2013

This Week: September#2

1 & 2. September shadows. Drying 'Nigella' heads casting shadows on the wall, plus a new Ikea purchase (we braved Ikea on a Sunday afternoon. NOT wise!)
3. New game - putting things in things. We were late for playgroup this week as her shoes were nowhere to be found. Where were they?! In the wash basket of course!
4.  Desperate to be like mummy and daddy using a grown up cup.
5. A new friend.
6. Cheeky smile! Such a happy girl this week. Wandering around the house, burbling away.
7. Finally got round to making the River Cottage Blackberry Butter this week. The colour was amazing (and my wooden spoon is still that colour!)
8. Cooler temperatures mean digging out as yet unworn clothes. These velvet trousers are so lovely.
9. This face.
10. We've rediscovered the sensory bottles this week.
11. A snap by Auntie H. We were just back from parkrun, in time for cuddles and tickles with a sleep-refusing girl!

Thursday, 12 September 2013

gardening with my girl

While I was pregnant, I had these vague 'Earth mother' aspirations - the baby would be in the sling, I'd be out in the garden, planting seeds or harvesting veg. Pah. In reality, the closest I got to gardening in those early months was pulling up the odd weed and snipping a rose or two for the mantelpiece.

I'd thought I'd be able to get out in the garden more with her this summer as she'd be able to play while I dug/sowed/picked. Hmm. Not so much. We had one of two situations: playing with the toys for a couple of minutes and then crawling off, normally in the direction of the latest cat poo addition to the lawn (thanks neighbourhood felines), or crawling over to investigate what I was doing, and pulling up/squashing whatever poor plant was in her reach.

Now she's walking, it's a little easier. Her 'helping' is very sweet, if not a little over zealous at times - the poor squashed salad seedlings are testament to this. She's now much more content to wander around, coming over to see what I'm doing every so often. And if we're out in the front garden, she'll stand and watch the cars go past through the garden gate. She spent a lot of time in the garden with Grandma last week - I think Grandma has taught her well!

So perhaps by next summer I will have cracked this 'gardening with a small child' malarkey. Either that or I'll be much more relaxed about the quantity of soil/worms/grass she eats!

I know lots of you grow your own veg, or even have allotments - how do you manage it with small children? Do I just need a big cage?!

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

a day at the farm

Sunday before last saw us heading out early, to escape our paint-fume filled house, across to the the Cotswold Farm Park. With an animal mad toddler on our hands, we knew it would be a hit of a day out...we weren't wrong. With rabbits to stroke, cuddled up piglets snoozing in the sun to see, sandpits to dig in, and a picnic lunch to eat, we had a pretty lovely day out.