Thursday, 19 September 2013

16 months

Dear my favourite girl,

At 16 months you are...

So confident on your feet. Crawling is very rare now - you're much happier toddling around the house, book in one hand and teddy in the other. You're understanding so much more now too - if I ask you where your shoes/highchair/teddy/coat is, you wander off purposefully and come back clutching said object (or go and pat the highchair, as if to say 'Yes please, food now!'). 

Favourite words: 'gonnnne', 'dowwwwn', 'dada', 'mumum', 'schoosch' (shoes), 'eeeesch' (keys), 'eeeesch' (cheese), 'schhhh' (zip), 'schwnnnn' (swing) and 'da' (yes). You'll sign 'more' and 'please' too which make mealtimes much more peaceful (less of the 'ehhhhhhhhhhhhh!' we used to get when you wanted some more food! 

Loving: having books read to you (you bring them to me and grin as I lift you onto my lap - favourite books are ones with plenty to look at, like The Baby's Catalogue), growling when something is good, growling when you don't like/want something, waving your hand and frowning to say no, clicking your tongue when we mention breakfast time/lunchtime/dinnertime, wearing hats (finally!), keys to jingle, cats and dogs, 'helping' me hang the washing out, teddy, picture books, fiddling with the clip on your highchair, putting things in the washing machine, any book by Shirley Hughes, trying to put your own bib on at teatime, climbing the stairs (whilst saying 'down' as you go up!), playing with the dollies and pushchair at playgroup, tickling mummy and daddy (and being tickled!), giving teddy/bunny/doggy a drink from your cup, and Postman Pat.

Not liking: being made to have your nappy changed, not being allowed to cuddle all the teddies in the charity shops, running out of food in the pushchair, and other children playing with the push-along furry dog at playgroup. 


  1. She is so lovely! Such an amzazing stage, really getting into toddlerdom now! My girl LOVES Shirley Hughes here, too. Big Alfie fans.xx

    1. Yes it really is an amazing stage - so much changing right before my eyes! Definitely definitely into toddlerdom now! Oh I love the Alfie books - your girl has good taste!x


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