Friday, 6 September 2013

This Week: September#1

A real change in the air this week. September. A return of sunshine and heat, but with those cooler misty mornings autumn brings. And today, the heavens have opened, much to the garden's delight.

1. Cocktails with the NCT gang. I had an Earl of Mexico - tequila and Earl Grey tea syrup. Delish!
2. My little bunny, watching the other little bunnies. I love the way she carefully crouches.
3. Eating in the dining room. It's finally finished enough that we can use it! Now time for the finishing touches (they're the best bit!).
4. Fine motor skills a la The Imagination Tree. She mostly wanted to chew the straws or pull them out of the holes, but definitely an idea to store away for the future. I can see it (and the whole idea of discovery boxes) being very popular.
5. Key mad this week. Taking out one key and trying to open other doors with it. I fear some of these keys will go walkabout if we're not careful!
6. This was the highlight of my run on Tuesday.
7. Railing reflections in the Cathedral.
8. There's a bag thief about.
9. Little garden helper.


  1. I'm a huge fan of The Imagination Tree. It's giving me lots of teaching ideas. I love the hot air balloon picture - amazing! x

    1. Yes it's brilliant isn't it - I can see I'm going to be referring to it more and more as my little one gets older.

      It was quite magical watching that hot air balloon go up!x


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