Saturday, 14 September 2013

This Week: September#2

1 & 2. September shadows. Drying 'Nigella' heads casting shadows on the wall, plus a new Ikea purchase (we braved Ikea on a Sunday afternoon. NOT wise!)
3. New game - putting things in things. We were late for playgroup this week as her shoes were nowhere to be found. Where were they?! In the wash basket of course!
4.  Desperate to be like mummy and daddy using a grown up cup.
5. A new friend.
6. Cheeky smile! Such a happy girl this week. Wandering around the house, burbling away.
7. Finally got round to making the River Cottage Blackberry Butter this week. The colour was amazing (and my wooden spoon is still that colour!)
8. Cooler temperatures mean digging out as yet unworn clothes. These velvet trousers are so lovely.
9. This face.
10. We've rediscovered the sensory bottles this week.
11. A snap by Auntie H. We were just back from parkrun, in time for cuddles and tickles with a sleep-refusing girl!


  1. All your photos are so full of warmth and love. And that first shot of the seed heads drying is fantastic. x

    1. What a lovely, kind thing to say - thank you! :) The seed heads make great shadows - really should move them now though as they're well and truly dried!!x

  2. That face!!!!! Oh that sweet little face!!!

    Blackberry butter looks completely amazing!! A brilliant picture, how did you avoid getting a steamy lens?

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. It's the face of a monkey/pickle/sausage!!

      Blackberry butter is yum! Hmm, not sure on the non-steamy-lens-age - think I must've taken it at an angle so that it wasn't in direct line of fire - the edge of the pan shielded it somewhat I think? x


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