Friday, 20 September 2013

This Week: September#3

1. First wellies! New to us from the local NCT Nearly New Sale. A tad big at the moment, but she was so excited to put them on! Bring on the puddles!
2. New jumper. I couldn't resist.
3. I love a good paint chart. Some of the new Farrow and Ball colours are gorgeous. I want to paint a room in 'Stiffkey Blue'. I just don't have a room that needs painting at the moment! (For once!)
4. Curly quiff.
5. Corduroy dresses have been the order of the week. Plus snuggling on the bean bag by the window. (The bean bag that my mum made about 30 years ago!)
6. Moon-tastic.
7 & 8. The theme of the week - headwear and book-clutching.
9. Little bunny.
10. I love the watery glass in the old windows.


  1. love all the sweet cuteness of this post. Colors + moons = perfect fall. your sweet one is as cute as ever. xo

  2. Oh these photos are fabulous. I love those cute clothes (and those F&B colours too!) Your sweet girl is so adorable!

    that last photo of the watery glass in the old window is just beautiful. xo

    1. oh two comments! thank you! the watery glass is magical isn't it - we've got the same in the dining room too. I love it! xx

  3. Ahhh, those wellies!! They're gorgeous. They go perfectly with her gorgeous little quiff (just adorable)!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Ha, the quiff is hilarious isn't it! I like the wellies even more because they were such a bargain! x


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