Tuesday, 24 September 2013

We like to read

When We Went to the Park by Shirley Hughes.

Shirley Hughes' books are always a popular read in our house. No matter where the books are in the shelves, my little one manages to dig them out. She presents the book to us, with a little grin on her face, and gives the chair a pat. That little grin swiftly grows as she is lifted onto our laps to read. With her thumb in her mouth, and the other hand twiddling hair, she's ready for a story...

When We Went to the Park is a simple counting tale, following a young girl and her Grandad as they wander to the park to see the ducks, the autumn leaves and the dogs, before ambling home again. Full of Hughes' beautifully evocative illustrations, this is one book I don't mind reading again and again. The book has a timeless quality to it (though it was published before I was born!). It's full of things that toddlers will always love - cats sat on walls, dogs running past, children kicking a ball, and heaps of crunchy leaves to kick. It feels very apt to be reading it in late September - the book has that autumnal sunshine feel. Warm enough for ice-creams, but cool enough for a coat.

Finally getting myself organised to write about the books we love to read at home (and join in with Tigerlilly Quinn's link up).



  1. YES! love love love and do you know I'm not sure we have this one! Although I certainly remember it from my childhood. What a wonderful time of year to read it too and just look at those cute little fingers pointing!! xx

  2. Such sweet pictures! Shirley Hughes is one of the best children's writers, I think. She captures childhood so well. I remember loving Dogger as a child and now my kids love it. It's so special to re-read childhood favourites to my two - The Tiger Who Came To Tea is another firm favourite for them and for me. xx


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