Thursday, 17 October 2013

17 months

Dear my favourite girl,

At 17 months...

Favourite words: mum, dada, down, teddy, gone, shoes, keys, cheese, zip, drink, swing, vroom vroom, brum, zzzz (bee buzz), raa raa (the noisy lion...), roarrrrrr, , miaow, ahhh (when stroking teddy/kitten/dog), baba (baby), du duh (digger), round and round (washing machine!)

Loving: playing with the duplo, anything with wheels that you can push around, lions, cats, dogs, cuddling teddy and putting him to bed with a blanket, playing with the dollies and pushchairs at playgroup, reading books, making a blurble urble urble noise, playing with the clips on the pushchair, camembert, trying to put on your tshirts/trousers/socks, your new doggy slippers, cream crackers, wearing your new shoes, pulling washing off the airer and wearing pants around your neck, watching raa raa the noisy lion, looking at the family photos stuck on your bedroom wall, getting out of the bath and being wrapped up in a big towel, doing the actions to zoom zoom zoom we're going to the moon, joining in with the two little teddies song, the push-along furry dog at playgroup and wearing your wellies.

Not liking: nappy changes, having to sit in the pushchair when all you want to do is run around, not being able to cuddle all the teddies in the charity shops, not being able to get books out the book-box.

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