Monday, 14 October 2013

Barcelona (with a toddler!)

1 toddler.
2 flights.
3 nights.
6 Metro trips.
12 tapas dishes.
35 minutes queuing for La Sagrada Familia.
600+ photos taken.

We had a whirlwind visit to Barcelona a few weeks ago. 2 and a half days of good food, beautiful architecture, Spanish history and sunshine. Not so much a relaxing holiday, more a chance to experience Barcelona life and spend time together having fun.

Highlights were...

La Sagrada Familia - whether or not the architecture is your cup of tea, the sheer scale of the project is enough to make your mouth gape. The stained glass windows are beautiful - and will look even more stunning once they're all in. The queue to get in were less stunning - we had a napping toddler so it was manageable. Had she been bored and squirmy, we may well have turned round and headed elsewhere.

Strolling around Barri Gotic (the Gothic Quarter) - beautiful winding streets, apartments towering above you with plant and laundry strewn balconies. The shade was very welcome during the heat of siesta time too.

The Metro - not exactly a highlight of our trip, but so much better than the internet had led me to believe. We avoided using the metro at first as we'd read that it was a struggle with a pushchair due to lack of lifts. As it was, most stations we visited had a lift AND (perhaps more importantly!) the trains are air conditioned! Ahhhhh.

Toddler + aeroplane - we'd both been rather sceptical as to how we'd get on on the plane. We were worried that she'd want to be running up and down, clambering over everything (as she'd be at home). But as it was, she sat happily reading stories, playing with toys, and chatting to the lady across the aisle. Phew! Fruit pouches were a lifesaver for take off and landing, and small zipped bags/purses filled with small toys will now be my travelling aide of choice.

Everywhere was so child friendly too - there were many smiles, chats, waves and hair ruffles for her from both locals and tourists. So many dogs being walked around the city too, which meant many cries of 'Dah!'.

Less good was the ten minutes of over tired toddler screaming we endured before our return flight to Birmingham - everyone was looking at us with a look of 'Oh no, I really hope they're not on OUR flight!' She did finally zonk out in my arms for a 30 minute power nap, before waking up, confused, in the plane.

Have you visited Barcelona? What were your highlights? If you're considering a trip there, go go go! Just go for longer than 2.5 days - we found we had to cram too much in!

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  1. How wonderful! I've never been but it's somewhere I've always wanted to go. Well done for trying something like this with a toddler - you can start to feel that Centre Parks is your only option once you have kids, but there is still so much fun to be had, as you've shown here. x


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