Thursday, 31 October 2013

The Garden Diaries: October

Roses are still going - I love these dark red ones / Dogwood is looking beautiful / I love the red tinged edge of the smoke bush / Sedum has darkened to burgundy / Amazingly, the courgettes are still going - I picked 5 baby ones this morning! / Hydrangeas / Hellebores are gearing up for flowers in the next few months / The blueberry bush - the colour changing leaves slightly make up for the fact it's never produced any fruit / My wild cherry tree that I won in a Yeo Valley competition - fingers crossed it grows!

The garden is looking rather tatty at the moment - it's in need of a good sort out before the winter months arrive I think. There's lots of cutting back and pulling up to be done, although having read Alys Fowler's article, I may leave the runner beans alone to see if they survive the cold. The pear tree is in dire need of attention from a tree surgeon I fear - we've had no edible fruit from it and everything has turned black. I've just bought a few bulbs (including these beautifully dark ones) to brighten up the front door, and a few pots of cyclamen and something silvery (I don't remember the name. My mum has just told me it's called cineraria - thanks mum/gardening guru!) to add colour until the tulips bloom. Garlic is ready to be planted, and after reading this article in the Guardian this week, I'm tempted to put in some broad beans too.


  1. Your courgettes are still going?!!! That's fantastic! What truly green fingers you have!!

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. Sheer luck, I assure you! The courgettes are mostly running feral! X


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