Sunday, 6 October 2013

The Garden Diaries: September

These sedum have gradually changed from pale green to dark rosy pink this month / Quinces have ripened and are starting to drop. Ready to be turned into chutney, jelly or cake / Dogwood is turning autumnal. Green to pink to red / We've had a huge glut of courgettes - they've just kept going and going. Piccalilli and River Cottage's Glutney have helped with the stacks of veg I've been bringing in from the garden / Camellia's are starting to bud / Runner beans have been plentiful too / Strawberry plants slowly turning red / Pears have been a big disappointment - rock hard, blackening and split. The old tree needs a hard prune I think / Fruits on the passion flower plant / Cyclamen popping up around the base of the silver birch /  Vitex agnus castus providing a pop of purple at the bottom of the garden / The hydrangeas are turning are lovely dusky pink.

A monthly series of garden posts - much more manageable than trying to sustain it weekly as I'd originally started! A round-up of what's looking lovely (and not so lovely!) in our garden each month.

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