Friday, 4 October 2013

This Week: October#1

Ola! We're back from our whirlwind trip to Barcelona! Monday afternoon, Tuesday and Wednesday were spent trying to cram in as much culture and sunshine as possible. So it's This Week with a Spanish flavour...

1. I loved the colours on these buildings on La Rambla - sorbet-like in the sunshine.
2. The travel cot in the apartment was decked out with a pillow and a duvet. She was SO excited to lie down and be tucked in! I have no idea when little ones are meant to move to duvet and pillow - we're still sticking with sleeping bags as they're so easy! Any knowledgeable people out there?!
3. Blue. The sparkling turquoise of the Med.
4. One of my favourite things to do was wander around the old streets.
5. Autumn in 27 degree heat felt a tad odd.
6. Enjoying the cool and quiet of the Cathedral.
7. Bunny had to have a bath and a sunbathe on the balcony after a meeting with the mucky floor one too many times.
8. Boqueria Market. I could've bought so much.
9. Sunshine and smiles in Park Guell.
10. Mosaics in Park Guell. That's a lot of broken plates.


  1. Beautiful photos ... it looks just perfect ... I love her excitement at being tucked in ... I am pretty sure you can use a duvet from a year old ... once the little one is strong enough to push it off them, it's okay ... we used sleeping bags for a long while too ... so much easier when they can't be kicked off on cold nights ... IKEA do a nice lightweight kids duvet for a few pounds ... must go, rambling now ... Bee xx

    1. Ooh thank you - I'll have to remember your Ikea duvet tip! I think we'll be sticking with a sleeping bag over cold winter nights, but perhaps come the spring she'll get a duvet! x


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