Sunday, 20 October 2013

This Week: October#3

1. I've filled a little basket downstairs with family photos. She loves to look through them, chatting away.
2. Even putting my shoes on is dangerous now the Duplo are on the loose. One of the Duplo people had a ride in the washing machine this week too. Whoops!
3. These have sprung up in a shady spot in the garden. I must look up what they are.
4. Half cat, half girl. Lying down in the sunny spot on the rug.
5 & 6. A poorly girl who has been in need of lots of cuddles. Teddy hasn't fared so well and has required two baths. Uh oh.
7. After a pretty rubbish day of poorly toddler-tending and many loads of washing, I was in need of a breath of air. Stepping out into the garden, the anenomes were still in full flush. A few snips later and I had a little bottle full to bring inside to brighten the windowsill.
8 & 9. Spending lots of time at home this week. We finally gathered all the quinces that have dropped. And then coming inside to wash our hands led to happy times playing with the water.
10. A quiet play with the Duplo yesterday morning for a slightly wobbly, off-colour girl. You can see the heaps of washing currently draped around the house too...
11. Popping outside in her wellies. Polka polka!

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