Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Toothbrush Battles

Every morning and evening we have a battle on our hands. The battle of the toothbrush. We unscrew the cap on the toothpaste and she runs towards the bathroom door, waving her hand to say 'Noooooo!'. 

But in the past few days, we've made a bit of a breakthrough. All thanks to Elmo and his infuriatingly catchy toothbrush song. 

In two days we've gone from her clamping her mouth closed and crying, to actually being able to properly clean her teeth without any fuss at all. Thanks Sesame Street!

The song should come with a health warning though - it will be your earworm all day. "Brush brushy brush..."


  1. That's a great song! Whenever my children try and get out of brushing their teeth, I tell them that if they don't brush them then their teeth will fall out and then they won't be able to eat sweets :-)

  2. Oh, I read about this on A Cup of Jo... seems it's a popular remedy for an aversion to the toothbrush!

  3. Oh, this takes me back - we used to have to get Angus in a headlock to brush his teeth properly, he hated it so much. He's much better now, thank goodness, but I wish we'd had this song to show him... x


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