Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A birthday cake

While I love a good slice of cake, R can take it or leave it. So when he turns to me and says 'This is really good cake', I know it must be a hit!

I don't know why I've only ever made this blueberry soured cream cake twice because it is so quick and easy. Originally from Delicious magazine, it's a 'put all the ingredients in the bowl and mix it up' cake - the best kind! My cake did take slightly longer in the oven than the recipe states - nothing a foil hat for the cake, and some careful spying through the oven door couldn't solve though. It lasts pretty well in the fridge too - I made it on Tuesday afternoon, and it was still wolfed down for pudding by my youngest brother and my dad on Friday evening!

Find the recipe for blueberry soured cream cake here.

I'm in need of some new cake recipes to try - do you have a favourite that you'd recommend?


  1. That looks so good and I promised to take dessert to my mum-in-law's at the weekend - perfect!
    Favourite cake recipes for me: Nigella's cherry cake (from How to be a Domestic Goddess), Nigel Slater's ginger cake with stem ginger (Kitchen Diaries 1), Nigella's lemon polenta cake (from Feast, I think) and my absolute favourite: Tessa Kiros' carrot cake with cream cheese frosting (Falling Cloudberries).
    I think I'm a bit of a cake fiend x

    1. Oh I'm loving the sound of the lemon polenta cake - I'll have to seek out that Nigella book in the library. Thank you for sharing your favourites! x


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