Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Operation Christmas Child

Over the past few weeks, I've been buying a few presents - a woolly hat, some crayons, a cuddly tiger, and plenty more besides. These presents are not destined for my little one's stocking though (much as she'd love the tiger and the penguin hat). They're going to be wrapped up in a shoebox and given to a child I've never met, who probably won't be getting any other Christmas presents this year.

The shoebox appeal is all part of Operation Christmas Child which is run by the charity Samaritan's Purse. Last year, 977,880 children received a shoebox full of presents carefully picked out by someone in the UK. The boxes were sent to Rwanda, Bosnia, Belarus and many other countries.

I've made a few shoeboxes to send over the past few years and wanted to make sure I got myself organised to make one this year too. Last year I missed the collection date, but managed to use the OCC 'Shoebox World' online shop to fill a box so my guilt/disappointment at not being organised enough was appeased!

I love buying presents at the best of times, but knowing that you are buying presents and other essential items like a toothbrush and a flannel for a child who might otherwise receive nothing feels very special. And being an especially soppy so-and-so since I became a mum, filling a shoebox with presents feels extra important now. The thought of a little girl, not that much older than my own little girl, opening the box of presents, is enough to reduce me to a blubbering mess.

If you fancy filling your own shoebox, there's a list of suggested presents to include here and you can find a collection point local to you here.

But hurry, the boxes are all collected by Monday 18th November!

If you want to help out children and families closer to home, you could buy a Barnardo's Real Gift or you could donate to your local foodbank. You can find your local foodbank here,


  1. This is such a worthy cause and we have often contributed. This year we hope to help out with our local Food Bank xox Penny

  2. This is a fantastic cause ... we have filled boxes over this past few years too ... I love the process and to think that the box brings a little joy to a child in need ... your selection of gifts is very pretty ... Bee xx


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