Sunday, 3 November 2013

This Week: November #1

1. One of her favourite activities at Grandma and Grandad's - playing with ALL the shoes!
2. How to get a post-lurgy toddler who's off their food to eat a bit more? Put the grapes and raisins in an ice-cube tray of course! 
3. So much cheese. Oh so much cheese. The fridge is still full. I think I might still be a little full too. 
4. Leek, potato and bacon soup for lunch on a blustery Sunday. 
5. Lovely afternoon light. (The hat then ended up in a muddy puddle. Ugh). 
6. Bargain chard plants for sale at our local NT Kitchen Garden - 20p each! 
7. Orange.
8. Clouds on the drive home.

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  1. These photos are wonderful. You've caught the light so well. Love the shot of the bowl of steaming soup. x

    1. Thank you! That hot soup was just what was needed on a cold Saturday! x

  2. Beautiful photos ... you really are talented with the camera ... Bee xx

    1. You're very kind - a lot of these are happy accidents I think! x


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