Saturday, 9 November 2013

This Week: November #2

1. Finally remembered to snip a few heads of the hydrangeas to dry. The first lot went a bit crispy as they were too close to the radiator, but I'm hoping the second lot will be more successful.
2. Goldilocks.
3. An enjoyable few moments in the garden while the little one slept. See the results here.
4. A day of heavy rain meant we were climbing the walls and running out of ideas for games. A baking tray full of rice, with an ice cube tray, a spoon and a cup proved very popular though (here, she was saying 'dowwwwwwn' as the rice poured out... We hoovered after she was finished playing!) The rice-utensil combo also meant I could have a quick flick through the River Cottage Baby and Toddler Cookbook which I'd found in the library (why did I not get this ages ago, it's full of good stuff!).
5. The rain finally eased enough to venture outside so we donned waterproofs and went to watch the cars. This is the autumn version of this portrait I think!
6. Good sky.
7. The blueberry plant has the best leaves.
8. Beetroots from our local NT kitchen garden were turned into chutney today. I just wish they could've stayed looking like this!


  1. Oh, I LOVE these. Each such a crisp, beautiful capture. (I've been pretty lazy with my camera lately) The first really got me, love those grey/mauvey tones. Reminded me to cut some hydrangeas to dry, too. Your girl's eyes in the second... Sparkling. Love rice play, brilliant sensory fun. Must get this out again (when hub not around haha, he thinks me crazy due to the mess). All just lovely and looks like a good week to me. Holly.x

    1. Thanks - there were many outtakes too though, full of fuzzy and wobbly shots! I love the colours the hydrangeas have gone too - they look good against our grey dining room walls which is handy! Hope you and yours (but not husband!) enjoyed the rice play!! x

  2. So envious of those hydrangea heads! I still can't find anyone who has some I can help myself to - just have to look longingly over garden fences!
    And I adore beetroot. The flavour, the colours...
    Oh, and the portrait of your little one is just lovely. Happy Sunday x

    1. Oh shame! There must be some somewhere! Go and knock on a door, I bet someone would say yes! The beetroot is such amazing colours - kind of wish I hadn't cooked it all together and made it all go purple! x


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