Sunday, 17 November 2013

This Week: November #3

1. She loves playing with the pushchair straps. And today she discovered she could climb into it on her own. Uh oh!
2. Proud sister moment! My RAF band trumpet-playing brother played in the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall and the Cenotaph service - amazing!
3. 'Helping'. She loves to take the washing off the airer...even if it's only just been hung up! She collected it all on her trolley, then wandered off. Also showing off her new 'miaaaaooooow' leggings - a charity shop bargain!
4. Teething much?!
5. Painting a card for my cousin's new baby.
6. Full of cold the past few days. This is her dopey 'I'm watching Raa Raa' face.
7. A new picture for her wall - Jessie Wilcox-Smith's Child Reading on Couch, 1905. I love the colours, and the theme.
8. 18 months old today!


  1. Love how you put pictures on her wall. We're just doing my youngest's bedroom (hubby is sugar soaping as I type!) so I definitely need to get some washi tape x

    1. Oh do, it's such good stuff! After we've had walls replastered, I'm hesitant to whack holes in it, but washi tape means I can still put pictures up! Hope the decorating has gone well! x


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