Monday, 16 December 2013

19 months

Dear my favourite girl,

Wow. 19 months already. That feels so grown up but you're still so little really.

At 19 months old you are...

Loving: Teddy AND bunny - they go everywhere with you now, the bubble song at music, tickling mummy, daddy and teddy, having the teddy song and zoom zoom zoom sung to you, twinkle twinkle, timmy time and all sheep (baas), elmo's got the moves, biscuit time at playgroup, cheese, quesedillas, egg mayo sandwiches, satsumas, the twinkly lights on the Christmas tree, putting hats on, reading the elc catalogue, titch, cars, taking washing out of the washing machine, helping to unload the supermarket shop from the pushchair, being mummy's little shadow around the house, taking your clothes out of the drawers, identifying everything as 'mama's', 'dada's' or 'baybeeee's', getting up at 4.30am...

Not liking: Going in the pushchair when you want to walk, having sticky things on your hands, mummy leaving the room, sleeping past 4.30am...

Favourite words: mama, dada, down, deddy, baybeeee, gone, bah (bunny), baa (sheep), brmmm, shoes, keys, cheese, zip, drink, swing, zzzz (bee buzz), raa raa (the noisy lion, but has come to mean all things tv!), round and round, maooo (cow), bubub (bubbles), bang!, ball, bowl, tea, tree, buhbeees (blueberries), dihdih (digger), titch, stih (sticker), nee-nah, train, choochoo, meeoowwww.


  1. So cute - and so reassuring that the chubby wrists stay around for a while longer yet!

    Sarah x

  2. Sounds like your little one and mine have the same vocab. His current favourite drink is almond milk, which he is parroting rather well, albeit rolled together and minus a few consonants. Very cute at this age!

  3. Taking clothes out of where they are supposed to be is a biggie around here too! In fact, its actually taking ANYTHING out of where it is supposed to be!


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