Sunday, 29 December 2013


Her favourite present - "bayyybeeee". Her first doll, in Great-Grandma-knitted clothes, with a Grandad-made bed and Grandma-sewn blankets. She's a lucky one.

52 photos for 52 weeks. This project has been exactly as I had hoped back in January: an archive of the transition from babydom to toddlerhood. Marking milestones such as starting to walk and her first birthday, I have loved taking the photos and choosing which to use each week. Looking back at the photos now feels slightly magical - she grows up before my very eyes, exactly as it has been over the past 52 weeks.

Joining in, for the final week of 2013, with Che and Fidel.


  1. Very sweet. My little babe also got her first doll, though she needs a couple of months to appreciate it. I still have the rocking baby cradle that my grandpa made me for my Cabbage Patch doll, along with the crocheted blanket and pillow that fits inside. I just pulled them out of the attic this weekend while doing some early New Years cleaning and am going to get them washed and ready for when my little babe is ready. I was talking to someone this weekend who's 19 month old granddaughter received her first doll for Christmas and he said he was amazed at how she seemed to know exactly what to do. She put it up to her shoulder and patted its back. Your little girl seems to have the knack too.

    1. Oh how lovely to still have the cradle made by your Grandpa - what a lovely toy for your little one to play with. Magical! It's amazing to see them copying and knowing what to do isn't it. Sweet babies and their babies! x


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