Thursday, 19 December 2013

Herbs and Hydrangea Wreath - Nature in the Home

A glance out into the garden and you see it's all looking rather tired. Not at all inspiring for wreath-making. That was, until I peered round the corner and saw the sage which is running amok after being transferred from pot to flowerbed this year. The pale green-blue leaves, with their silvery sheen were the brainwave I needed. While little one napped, I ran around the garden, secateurs in hand, snipping at the dried out lavender, the damp hydrangeas, the rosemary and the aforementioned sage.

With no moss packed wired wreath at hand, I made do with an old embroidery hoop. As our front door is quite sheltered, I'm hoping the hoop will still be usable once the wreath is done with. With a few lengths of jewellery wire, cuttings from the garden, branches chopped from the bottom of our Christmas tree, and a cup of tea in hand, I was ready to start.

Unfortunately, my toddler had not received the wreath making memo and woke about 5 minutes after I started attaching the tree cuttings to the hoop. Darn. No bother - a quick cheese on toast and satsuma break later, and I carried on, with crayons and my notebook keeping small hands busy.

Once I'd stuffed as many of the garden snippings as I could fit onto the hoop, it just needed a length of ribbon to hang it over the door and a drawing pin whacked into the back of the door to keep it in place. Finished!

 Joining in with Nature in the Home.


  1. Really beautiful, bet it smells wonderful x

  2. Very lovely, indeed! A very handsome door, too. (If doors can be handsome of course.) x

  3. Very pretty. I have a very hearty sage plant in my garden that has overwintered here for several years now. It always amazes me to see it sticking out of the snow - the leaves are very hardy. Yes, don't those little babes wake up at JUST the moment we sit down to accomplish something!

  4. It's very beautiful, as are your photos. Gorgeous. x

  5. Oh beautiful - the hydrangea really stands out and makes it look all antiquey. Just lovely!


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