Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Orange Peel Garland - Nature in the Home

All things orange are taking over the fruit bowl at the moment. Being in possession of a constantly cold-y toddler, I think I'm trying to convince myself I can fend off the germs with all that vitamin C. Tiny tangerines jostle for space with the soft-skinned satsumas and the huge navel oranges that just had to come home with us from the greengrocer.

With oranges on the mind, it was no surprise that this activity caught my eye on the Christmas treasure trove that is Pinterest. I used orange peel as it was what I had to hand, but will definitely try satsuma peel next as it will be easier to press the cutter through (so suitable for toddler hands) and will dry quicker too.

Once our tree is up next weekend, this garland is destined for the lower branches (i.e. it won't smash if over excited toddler hands grab it!) but I can see I'm going to end up making a lot of these - they'd look great in a wreath, or used as a decoration on Christmas parcels.

Next orange project: pomanders!

Joining in with Nature in the Home.


  1. Pretty! Orange is one of my favourite colours (probably explains my obsession with old Penguin books).

    Good idea to use Pinterest for NITH ideas, I hadn't thought of that.

    We too seem to just move from one cold virus to the next. I was hoping that a weekly bowl of home made chicken soup might keep me cold free but now have the beginnings of a bad throat :( Must be a combination of tiredness and toddler groups!

    Hope your little girl enjoyed making the stars from the orange peel - even if it did take some cutting!

    Sarah x

  2. This is so pretty and such a good idea - I've not seen it on Pinterest! I might have to try one. xx

  3. I have dried orange peel to use wreathes before - roll around a pencil while still moist and you get an cinnamon stick like orange peel-y thing - but I;d never have thought to cut shapes from it to use it in a garland ... what a fabulous idea :)


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