Monday, 30 December 2013

This (Christmas) Week: December #4

1. Tree up and decorated. It was beginning to look a lot like Christmas...
2. A few early presents at Grandma's (aka Christmas dinner #2 of the festive period).
3. Last minute present sewing.
4. And some last minute stocking sewing in the car heading south.
5. Decorating the tree at Grandma and Grandad's - we wait until Christmas Eve and listen to the Carols at Kings while we deck the tree with the random decorations collected over the years. Festive beetle and jewelled dragonfly are the favourites.
6. A festive interloper.
7. Investigating the stocking.
8 & 9. After a Christmas day of rain, the blue skies of Boxing Day let us escape to the park and play.
10. Festive seagull.
11. Splashing in the puddles.
12. Great-Grandma gave the best present - a baby dressed in a hand-knitted outfit. She's very loved.
13. Christmas dinner #4. She'd really got into the swing of it by now and had seconds of Christmas pudding and clotted cream (we were in Devon after all!)

And so we reach the last week of the year. I'm so glad I've kept this photo diary of the past 52 weeks. Capturing the big events of the year, and also the small and seemingly inconsequential moments that make up day-to-day life. It's been a useful, practical way for me to get to grips with shooting photos in manual too - I can see a real change in the composition, focus and lighting in my photos since January. (I took the Capturing Childhood Manual Overdrive course at the start of 2013 - highly recommended if you're wanting to learn more about the photos you take).


  1. My son trouble liked his dolly too, although we have no dress knitting nan. I might have to sew her something else as she is only wearing togs. Dolly will get cold in winter!!!

    Your photos are lovely, thanks for the course tip..

  2. Wonderful photos of a perfect Christmas. It looks like a really special time and you've captured it beautifully.
    Best wishes to you and your family for 2014! x
    PS: I love the lion! I assume it's Raa Raa! x

    1. Thank you - you too (just a tad late, sorry!) The lion isn't Raa Raa - although she did get a beautifully knitted Raa Raa too!! x

  3. I love the puddle jumping pic!

  4. The little lion toy is so cute. I've started taking pictures manually also and I really enjoy it a lot more. Of course, I take a lot more trying to get the lighting right, but it gives me the chance to be much more artistic with my shots. The puddle picture is great!

    1. Taking pics in manual is good isn't it - still takes me a while to get the settings right, but can be so much better than having it on auto. x

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you! I still have much to learn but compared to last Christmas, they're a world away - all thanks to Manual Overdrive! x


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