Friday, 6 December 2013

This Week: December#1

1. Candles are making a regular appearance on the table when we have tea now. With some pretty impressive smoke once they're blown out too.
2. Enthusiastic gingerbread 'rolling'. She gave each biscuit a good poke for good measure before they went into the oven.
3. We've been having a go at some of the Nature Detectives advent activities - painting pinecones kept us busy on Tuesday afternoon for at least 5 minutes...
4. Clinging on to my leg. Not a happy bunny this week. More molars are coming through so disturbed nights and big temperatures have been commonplace. And then she only napped for 10 minutes all day today. Arrrrghh! Very glad it's the weekend.
5 & 6. A week of good skies.
7. Doing the 'deddy' puzzle.
8. Taking advantage of natural light in our dark dark hallway. She wanted to see the 'baybeeees' on the camera.
9. This pickle sat and made herself look festive while I cooked tea today. Stickers are the flavour of the month - little does she know she's getting a cat sticker book for Christmas. Miaoooww! Stik-stik! Miaoooow! She's going to be SO excited!


  1. I love the smell of just blown out candles - reminds me of being in church as a little Brownie :)
    Oh, and I hope your little girl naps a bit longer for you. We also have the emergence of molars. He's taking it quite well but the drool!
    Must buy some stickers too x

  2. Oh yes, your #4 has been an issue at my house this week. My babe, almost 14 months old, has had a mouthful of teeth for several months now and we didn't notice a change in her behavior when any of them came in, even the back molars. But this past week she has been just miserably cranky, hanging on my leg, and not wanting anything to do with my husband, and I think she is getting the last of her teeth. Who needs a gym membership when you're carrying around 20 lbs all day with one arm!

  3. Lovely photos - that shot of the smoking candle is wonderful. I remember how awful teething was with my second - every new tooth was met with interrupted sleep, temperatures, horrid nappies, all-round grumpiness...at least you know it will stop one day. :-) Hope the napping and night-sleeping has improved. x

  4. I wonder if it is a girl thing, but I just don't think i could get my nearly two year old to paint pinecones. I guess we should try though....:)

    Molars are awful. His came all 4 at once. a month of cranky bubby.


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