Thursday, 12 December 2013

We Like to Read: Little Mouse

I've been a fan of Alison Murray's illustrations for a while now. The colours, shapes and 50s/60s style all combine to create beautiful books. Apple Pie ABC is lovely, as is Hickory Dickory Dog. Little Mouse is my favourite so far though. (I've linked to the books on Hive - an independent bookshop friendly way of buying books online).

The little girl is very put out that her mum calls her a 'little mouse' and tries to demonstrate that she is completely un-mouse-like: instead she is brave, loud and even waddle-y. However, once she's had a bath and is sleepy, warm and ready for bed, she decides that being a little cuddly mouse is quite nice after all...

A perfect bedtime story. Sweet and lovely without being saccharine. Gorgeous illustrations and text that's simple but fun to read (the animal noises page is our favourite...). I love it. I think we need to buy our own so we don't keep renewing the library's copy!

P.S Please excuse the shadowy pics - it's too dark at 7am to take decent photos!

Joining in with Tigerlilly Quinn's We Like to Read link-up.



  1. Animal noises are the best part of any book - a must have!

  2. wow this book looks fantastic, i LOVE the illustrations! Wilf would love this, adding to my book list xx


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