Monday, 20 January 2014

20 months

Dear my favourite girl,

I know I always say it, but this past month has flown by. What with Christmas celebrations and travelling round the country, it doesn't feel like two seconds since I was considering how grown up 19 months sounded. And now we're at 20 months. That feels really grown up. In your twenties. Your 2nd birthday growing ever closer.

At 20 months old you are...

Loving: baby (it's often one of your first words when you wake, and you love to drag her round the house with you. She's well loved), peeling your own satsumas, twinkle twinkle little star (it's enjoyed a recent renaissance), cheese (a perennial favourite that one), saying your own name (that was a very exciting day - you were so pleased with yourself), watching the birds from the window, seeing dogs and cats when we're out for a walk, carrying heavy things, eating risotto, helping to unload the dishwasher, horses, putting your shoes on, climbing up the attic stairs, running, veg fritters and fried eggs, sitting on the potty (just for fun at the moment, nothing productive!!), blueberries, drawing 'meows' (just scribbles, I don't have an art prodigy!), making mummy draw babies, wearing your wellies, roast dinners, poking things with sticks.

Not liking: Going in the pushchair when you want to walk, having sticky things on your hands, having to share toys, being made to wear a bib when you decide they are horrible. 

Favourite words: mama, dada, down, deddy, baybeeee, gone, bah (bunny), baa (sheep), brmmm, shoes, keys, cheese, zip, drink, swing, zzzz (bee buzz), raa raa (the noisy lion, but has come to mean all things tv!), round and round, maooo (cow), bubub (bubbles), bang!, ball, bowl, tea, tree, buhbeees (blueberries), dihdih (digger), titch, stih (sticker), nee-nah, train, choochoo, meeoowwww, nee-nah, sheeee (sleep), bee bees (blueberries), big (spoon), grrrr (yes!), mohhhh (no), jeeee (green, or any other colour), mehmar (grandma), dar (star) 


  1. I love that cheeky grin picture, perfectly captured! What a pretty girl. It's funny, our little girls are so close in age, they know nothing of each other, but I see lots of things that remind me of Wiggles when I read these lovely posts. It's proper heart warming!!
    Kate xx
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. It sounds like such a lovely age, where she's making new discoveries every day. Beautiful photos! x

  3. Lovely post :) I love all the favourite words xx

  4. Great pictures. She is always wearing such cute sweaters!

  5. Look at her grow! Such a sweetheart :)


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