Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Thinking of summer - Sarah Raven seed giveaway

In my most recent post for the Sarah Raven blog 'Garlic and Sapphire', I wrote about my gardening resolutions for the year. Some points on my list were jobs that desperately need doing (like sorting out the veg beds), some are pipe dreams (I am in want of a shed) and some are lovely garden things that I want to do more of (like eating outside in the summer).

After joining in with Nature in the Home so much last summer, one addition I want to make to our garden is flowers. I want to fill our garden up with blooms so that I can regularly have jugs of flowers on the table and posies by the bed. While we are very fortunate that our garden already contains lots of well-established flowering plants, lots of them aren't very 'me'. I want less shrubs, and more flowers for cutting. A more relaxed feel to the garden.

After mentioning that I had my eye on the 'Butterfly Flower Mix' seeds on the Sarah Raven site, I was very excited to receive an email from the Sarah Raven team asking if I'd like to be sent a pack - yes please! The Butterfly Flower Mix contains Echium vulgare, otherwise known as Viper's Bugloss; Linaria 'Canon Went'; and Verbena Bonariensis. It's the Verbena I'm most excited about growing - I love the colour, and the airy arrangement of flowerheads and stems. Floral yet architectural.

The Sarah Raven team sent me two packs so I'm going to to give one away to one of you lovely lot...so if you fancy attracting lots of bees and butterflies to your garden, make sure you follow this blog via Google Friend Connect, and leave me a comment telling me your favourite flowers to grow - I need more inspiration of what to plant in our garden! The giveaway closes next Wednesday 29th January at midnight.

Sorry, UK readers only. I'll announce the winner next Thursday, and will send the seeds out by 2nd class post. Happy gardening!

Image from here.

******I've just numbered your comments and popped them in a random number generator - a packet of seeds will be winging their way to PinkCatJo! Email me your address to sittinginthekitchensinkblog@gmail.com and I'll get them in the post!******


  1. I have to figure out how to add you to Google+ but in the meantime, this is what I've found works to attract bees to a sunny border: lavender, herbs, echinacea (my favourite), petrovskia, polemonium (Jacob's Ladder), eryngiums, sunflowers, veronica (big hit with the bees!), v.bonariensis, and alliums. This year I'm also putting in lupins, salvia, kniphofia, ox-eye daisies … and probably lots more! All of the above are sun loving plants and you could put in a few grasses throughout as a foil for the flowers. Good luck!

  2. I would love some flower seeds, because I too want to grow more flowers for cutting this year. I'll grow them in the garden and also at the allotment. My favourite flowers to grow are sweet peas, cosmos, rudbekia, cornflower which are all great for cutting. I also like the lovely blue veronicas, these are perennials, I have one or two different varieties in the garden. Another perennial which is fairly new to my garden and which I am loving is knautia macedonica, it keeps flowering all summer and is loved by the bees.

  3. Hi Helen - I'm a big fan of lime colours, burnt oranges and rich, velvety burgundies so would have to go for euphorbia, dahlias, deep red/brown sunflowers, ditto nasturtiums and the darker hellebores.
    I'm also a sucker for alliums though, particularly once they dry out in the autumn and I can harvest the seedheads for displaying indoors. For architectural wow, we planted some Angelica the year before last and it grew absolutely huge and was a total bee magnet!
    Finally: marigolds. Simple but they look nice edging the vegetable patch!
    Hope we have a good summer this year...
    Sarah x

  4. I have been trying to add more cutting flowers to our yard also. It seems that I don't have anything until the end of July or August. I am also holding a give-a-way contest on my blog today. Any dog owners might want to stop on by. http://lifewiththecrew.typepad.com/my-blog/2014/01/hump-day-give-a-way-12214.html

  5. Ooh! Please please please, I'd love some bees! (And they're such a pretty coloured flowers!) x


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