Thursday, 30 January 2014

We Like to Read: Oh No, GEORGE!

Oh No, GEORGE! by Chris Haughton (he of A Bit Lost fame) is our current favourite. The word 'George' is now in my toddler's vocabulary (although it sounds more like jshhhjjjjjj) as she likes to request it at least once a day. 

George is a dog. Quite a normal dog really, (apart from the whole talking thing), as when he's left alone in the house, he sees things he likes and can't quite resist them. Hence the nam-nam-nam-ing (that's what George does to the cake, in 20-month-old speak) of the chocolate cake and other atrocities. But it's not all bad. When Harris (George's owner) returns home, George is suitably reproached and tries to make it up to him. They then go out on a walk (which is surely what George needed to do at the start of the book?!) and George shows his new level of self-control. Well, nearly.

The illustrations in this book are very bold and very orange. Unlike any illustrations we've come across before - they're reminiscent of old pixelated computer game graphics. It's the eyes that get me though - they look so simple, yet are so spot on with conveying the intrigue, guilt, or wild manic excitement on George's face. 

This book is a great one to read aloud (plus I can't help but do a gruff dog voice for George) - I can see it's going to be a firm favourite in our house for a while.

'Shh! We have a plan' by Chris Haughton is coming out in Feb - judging by the snippets on his website (see more here) it's one to check out. Those colours!

(This book is like the modern, canine version of Joyce Grenfell's 'George! DON'T do that...')

Joining in with Tigerlilly Quinn's We Like to Read series.



  1. ooh I think I've seen this one before! or maybe one of his other books, they look fantastic I must pick up a copy! x

  2. Looks very cute. And since I and my little babe are both big cake eaters, we can relate to George!

  3. I'm a huge fan of this book as well. I used it with my Nursery classes a couple of weeks ago to make them think about good and poor choices. They loved it too. I think the illustrations give it extra impact. Now I have 78 West London children walking around saying "Oh no George!" x

    1. Oh yes it would be perfect for that - I'm not surprised they loved it! x


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