Monday, 24 February 2014

Sunday tea

Many moons ago when I was small, Sunday tea was the norm.* Church in the morning, roast dinner for lunch and then scones, crumpets or English muffins for tea, eaten perched around the small coffee table in the front room. A few times I even remember using the long fork to make toast on the fire. In these memories it always seems to be winter - log fire, dark outside, Narnia on the TV. Cosy.

In my role as eldest child, I seem to have a desire to replicate many of my childhood experiences for my girl. And so, when we're organised enough, we have roast dinner at lunch time, and then a (sadly Narnia-less) smaller tea.

With a blueberry fiend for a daughter, American-style blueberry pancakes seemed a safe bet this week. Served with extra blueberries (her) and drizzles of warmed golden syrup (us), they were a bit of a treat before we started a new week.

Roll on the next Sunday tea - perhaps with a snow filled wardrobe, a street lamp and a talking lion next time though...

* I'm waiting for my mum to read this and tell me that we only ever ate tea like this a handful of times/that I've completely fabricated these memories. I hope not!


  1. I'm a youngest child, and like to replicate my best childhood experiences for / with my children too -
    I think it's just a sign of having grown up, not necessarily having been the 'eldest child' …
    Enjoying your blog and these pancakes look amazing.
    Emma :-)

  2. My children can eat stacks and stacks of pancakes. I make them for dinner fairly often and I usually use blueberries when I make them for dinner, it seems fancier and more dinner-y that way.

  3. I have just discovered your lovely blog. I couldn't resist having a peak, I Capture the Castle is my favourite book. You have some brilliant baby ideas that I'm definately going to have to try! Your photos are gorgeous, I'm trying to use my camera rather than my phone and your blog is a good reminder that it is worth the extra effort! Ella x

  4. I have just discovered your lovely blog. I couldn't resist having a peak, I Capture the Castle is my favourite book. You have some brilliant baby ideas that I am definitely going to have to try! Love your photos, a good reminder it's worth getting the camera out and not just using my phone! Ella x

  5. Pancakes with real maple syrup used to be a Sunday morning treat for my husband and I, but with this cold winter, I have been making them quite frequently and just had them for lunch the other day too! Easy finger food for little babes and you can put so many good things in them - flax, coconut, nuts, cranberries.

  6. Oh how I love pancakes ... you've just made me hungry ;) ... Bee xx

  7. They look delicious!
    And using the big fork to do the toast - it always tasted so much better that way. As for thinking you 'always' did something (rather than just occasionally)... I get that too. Like it seemed to be 'always' summer when you were at primary school. Either that or you were knee-deep in snow.
    Nothing wrong with a bit of sentimentality ;)
    Have a great weekend xx

  8. How lovely! It was the same when I was a child - church, Sunday lunch, a brisk walk, then afternoon tea, which always seemed to take place at my Grandparent's house. Fancy sandwiches, crumpets, ginger cake etc, all on bone china. Yes, I too am replicating so much of my childhood for my own children - I suspect a lot of us do it. Great post. x

  9. I have exactly the same Taunton Sunday memories - with a Ager/Wakefield extreme Quantocks walk on sunny days! I'm sure it was actually just a gentle stroll...


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