Friday, 7 February 2014

This Week: February #2

Morning sunshine streaming through windows. Since having the (old, heavy and very filthy) secondary glazing removed last week, the house seems so much brighter. Being able to open the windows (some of which have never been opened since we moved in over 2 years ago...) on sunny days makes everything fresher.

New greenery has been added this week too. Bargain narcissi plants in bud, old roses softening round the edges, and a new house plant for the mantel.

A new frame for an old print (it's actually wrapping paper). Staying in and reading stories. Getting out and seeing aeroplane trails and splashing in puddles. Plus some interesting, and rather acrobatic, dolly-caring skills.

The Leon cookbook has shaped our week food-wise. Indian spiced parsnip soup, chicken superfood salad and cauliflower gobi are all dinners we'll definitely be repeating. Nigella's pea and bacon orzotto (except our version was alphabettiotto as we ran out of orzo) was a big toddler hit. As were the poppadoms we had with the cauliflower gobi. Her 'crunchy' face was a new one to me.

I've been devouring the end of The Goldfinch too. Not many pages left now. February's Year in Books post will be coming up shortly...

Tunes of the week: John Grant's Black Belt for its lyrical genius: Etch a sketch your way out of this one, reject! Ibibio Sound Machine - Let's Dance: never fails to incite a kitchen dance party. Plus St Vincent's Digital Witness for its sing-a-longability and horn section.

I hope the sunshine has reached you this week. Happy weekending.


  1. Some sunshine, but a lot of wind and rain. I am thinking of getting some plants for indoors. I used to have several when I had my first 'grown up' flat in Muswell Hill. I'm thinking of some Orchids and a sculptural kind of plant for the bathroom.

    Have a great weekend!

    Leanne xx

  2. Ooh I like the sound of a sculptural bathroom plant! It does feel like a very grown-up thing doesn't it - keeping a plant alive! (I don't always succeed...) Hope the weather isn't too wild down with you x

  3. Oh, I do like that map! And the plant, and the roses...
    Funny, baby dolls and prams seem to end up in the same default position. The ones at playgroup are always strewn about near upended prams.
    I love seeing little ones engrossed in books. All the cuter since they must be making their own stories up to go along with the words and pictures...
    Sarah x

    1. Ha, these toddlers are not the best at caring for their plastic pals are they?! (But when they do look after them, it is the sweetest thing to watch. The goodnight kisses...awww!)
      I love watching little ones read too - she 'reads' aloud to herself with words and noises, it's quite funny to listen to. Hope you've had a good weekend x

  4. You have captured such beautiful light in these pictures, jxx

    1. Thank you - it's been a good week for sunshine. x

  5. Indian Spiced Parsnip soup sounds great. I never thought I liked parsnips until my husband made an amazing Parsnip Tarte Tatin last year (at my suggestion). Now I have been hoping to get them in our CSA box, but have only gotten 4! And we ruined them on a Beer Cheese Parsnip Soup that was just horrendous. I have another recipe for Maple Parsnip soup that I am wanting to try. The bunting is so sweet. I am almost finished with one that I am making for my little babe's room.

    1. Parsnip Tarte Tatin sounds good! I've made an onion tarte tatin before, but never a parsnip one. Definitely want to try that. I can imagine the parsnip and maple syrup combination works well too. Beer cheese parsnip soup does sound a tad strange! I'll keep an eye out for the bunting you're making for your little one :) x


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