Friday, 21 February 2014

This Week: February #4

I seem to be neglecting this little corner of the internet of late. Popping in for the weekly posts, but nothing more. There are lots of half-started drafts that are currently lurking, unread. I must let some of them see the light of day soon.

This week has been full of lovely distractions. A visit from Manma and Daada (aka Grandma and Grandad, if you don't speak toddler) was a very exciting time for a certain little one. Sunday lunch at the local pub, a wander around the cathedral, finally getting some shelves up, seeing a beautifully bright double rainbow, and a trip to Hanbury Hall were just some of the things that have kept us busy and away from the laptop.

Running in the cathedral / waiting /  double rainbow (look closely, you can see where it ends... / a shelfie (now need to fill those frames with photos).

Today is less exciting - there's scaffolding going up around our house for some much needed roof repairs (the damp patches on the bedroom walls are growing every time it rains; such are the joys of old houses) so I'm flinching slightly with every crash and bang. We've had a happy morning pottering around the house though - tidying up and catching up on those little jobs I always mean to do. We've also been packaging up a parcel full os distractions for a friend whose husband is undergoing spinal surgery next week. Things like that really make you count your blessings. We've also discovered the magical things that are water beads. A washing up bowl full of the tiny, bouncy balls is the perfect thing to keep a slightly whingy toddler occupied for ages it seems.

Water beads - running my hands through them is quite addictive / playing in the watery light marks on the wall - one of my favourite photos of her, ever

Tomorrow looks to be dry and sunny so we're heading out on a road trip to Cheltenham for a mooch round the shops and a burger here. Hoping for a rummage in the charity shops too... Hope you all have a happy weekend.

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  1. I know what you mean about neglecting your blog ... I've been the same over these past few months but sometimes life just takes over ... lovely double rainbow and the last picture is beautiful ... Bee xx


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