Saturday, 29 March 2014

The Year in Books - March

My book of choice for March was Girl Reading by Katie Ward, picked up for pennies in a local charity shop. I'm still rather undecided as to whether I loved it.

The book is made up of seven 'chapters', each a standalone episode in their own right, but all linked by the continuous thread of a woman reading. The book starts in 1333 and moves through the centuries touching on motherhood, love, bereavement, sibling bonds, suffrage and independence. Each 'chapter' is fascinating - a great deal of historical research has obviously taken place. Ward writes in such a beautifully descriptive manner you can become completely immersed in each story. But therein lies the reason I found the book so frustrating. I wanted to know more about each character. I wanted to discover more about all those unsaid clues left by Ward in each chapter. I wanted to know what happened next. One of the things I love about getting lost in a good book is getting into the head of the main characters. In Girl Reading, I felt like I'd just got to grips with each character and then suddenly the scene had shifted forward a century.

An enjoyable, interesting read, but one I never felt I could really get my teeth into.

My intention for getting this post written towards the start of the month rather failed - I'll have to write again at the start of April about the next book I've got lined up (as you can see in the photo above). 

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