Sunday, 2 March 2014

This Week: March #1

This week has felt like it's been stressful and grey. On looking back at the photos I've snapped over the week, I see it's been the opposite.

Scaffolding - a necessary evil to repair the leaky roof. All done now / sunshine flowers from a friend /  threading beads. She loves it (and I love that she loves it) / new-to-her sparkly jelly shoes from the NCT nearly new sale. She wore them all afternoon / getting photos printed / trying out colour combinations / raspberry biscuits - not the neatest / seeking out the sun

Currently playing: Cavalier by James Vincent McMorrow.


  1. We had some bunting making going on at our place last week also. Beautiful playground picture.

    1. The triangles are going to turn into a cushion cover...eventually! I've just seen your bunting - looks great! x


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