Sunday, 23 March 2014

This Week: March #4

1, 3 & 5. A house full of flowers. Just how I like it. Daffs on the mantel and old roses on the table that were replaced by bargain neon pink roses. (Plus a pink amaryllis that I really must photograph). 
2. Lots of beading and drawing this week. She finishes breakfast and does a 'round and round' motion with her hand to indicate she wants a crayon. I'm all for it - creative time, plus I get to finish my breakfast and drink my cuppa while she draws meows and babies. 
4. The result of another post-breakfast crafting session after we got out the glitter glue. She was fascinated by her sparkly hands. 
6 & 7. The best 3 £1 coins I've spent all week. A £1 easter bonnet hat and a duster from the poundshop, and a windmill from the supermarket (that kept her happy the whole way home, phew). The hat is a new favourite dressing-up prop and the duster is being well utilised (brilliant!).
8. I've been rediscovering my sewing machine this week - a pillowcase for my girl, and a skirt for baby. A toddler sized skirt was added to the list after a mega nap time today. 
9. A quick moment of crafting for a friend who's just bought his first house. I think I'll be making a second of these for my little bro who's just flown the family nest into his first flat. 


  1. Love all the gorgeousness of this post xxx

  2. Thanks Emma, it was a very colourful week!x


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