Monday, 3 March 2014

We Like to Read: There are Cats in this Book

There are indeed cats in this book. Some very well named cats. Moonpie, Tiny and Andre in fact. They are all now firm favourites in our house.

There are Cats in this Book is a wonderfully interactive tale with plenty of flaps, cleverly layered and shaped pages, and direct instructions from the feline friends to keep toddlers busy. Some of our favourites include the page of boxes, where the cats request that you open the lids (and then thank you as you do - polite cats, these), and the page when the cats get wet - they need to be blown on to be dry and fluffy again (hence the final photo!).

After a quick google, I've discovered a video of the author Viviane Schwarz reading There are Cats in this Book, and discovered that she has also written a book called There are NO Cats in this Book!  (and for folk that can knit, here's the knitting pattern for Moonpie, Tiny and Andre!)

Joining in with Tigerlilly Quinn's We Like to Read link up.


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  1. Wilf got this book for Christmas from Tom! he jumps when they pop out! x


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