Saturday, 24 May 2014



A very happy birthday girl, running around chasing the "bubboooos" after a
dip in her new paddling pool.

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

A birthday rose

Last year, on a whim, I popped some pink hearts (dicentra) onto my almost one-year-old's bedroom mantelpiece before bedtime.

This year, having remembered last year's flowers, I did the same. My almost two-year-old had a rose snipped from the garden on her mantelpiece to greet her on her birthday morning. The start of a family tradition I think.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The first rose

The roses that line the front of our house are all poised. Full-budded. Ready to spring forth. A few have dared to bloom this week, despite the torrential downpours we have been treated to. This one was the first. And with its pale peachy ruffles and a scent that is good enough for a perfume bottle, I'm very glad it's here.

This week in May seems to be the start of rose season at our house - I can remember snipping an almost identical rose this time two years ago, whilst sitting and cuddling my three-day-old baby girl. That same three-day-old baby girl turns two on Friday. Blink and you'll miss it is the way time seems to be moving. Wow.

Joining in with Nature in the Home - this beauty is now resplendent on our dining table.

Tuesday, 13 May 2014



On the beach last weekend. She was very happy to see the boats, the kites and the dogs. Piling stones on daddy was also popular...

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

23 months

Dear my favourite girl, 

23 months is a fun age. Yes, it has its tricky times, but you are so funny, so energetic and so lovely that those "NOOOOO!" moments soon fade into the background.

At 23 months old you are...

Loving: Baby, having your hair dried, fiddling with mummy's/daddy's/anyone's hair, talking on the 'phone' (old remote control!), choosing which colour nappy to wear next, raisins, cheese, blueberries, digging in the garden, chasing the neighbourhood cats, wearing a scarf like mummy, putting your shoes on, drawing with felt tips, painting, singing, reading Room on the Broom, reading the Alfie books, flowers, teddy, playing with the dogs in the bath, lying on the floor and kicking your legs while laughing madly, finding the picture cards that are the same, climbing up onto your booster seat/pushchair, dogs, sticks, pinecones, setting the table, holding hands, going to the library, trains, flowers, eating pears, blowing dandelion clocks, painting, sitting on the sofa with the blanket and a story. 

Not liking: being in the pushchair when you want to walk, black headed gulls, nap time when you argue that you're not tired (you are really...)

Words are coming thick and fast now - I think this may be one of the last times I type this list out, but I'm very glad to have the record.

nere (in there, on there), in, miaow, mummy, dada, daada, manma, dair (hair), tock (clock), shoes, drink, sleep, tea, vroom, rah (red), whah (white), ray (grey), lellow, boo (blue), back (black), geeen (green), pnk (pink), baa (sheep), moo (cow), buck buck (chicken), dog, elephant noise, clip clop (horse), yeah, no, day (hat), painting, hiii, byeee, ball, wowww, cheese, Raa Raa, duck, deddy, bubbles, baby, book, dory (story), boon (spoon), down, gone, owl, bag, swim, swing, bed, chair, fwower, frog, bash (splash), teeth, nana (thank you), meeese (please), Bibby, dig, nee nah, bee, roarrrrr, door, paper, egg, agh (cuddle), bird, tweet tweet (bird), bang, toes, nose, dar (star), tree, leaves, off, hand, arm, knee, bees (blueberries, bob bob bob (fish), boo, mouk (milk), O-O (H), Tate (K), up, tickle, clip, bib, ow, more, boon (balloon), cake, bike, bowl, plate, ding, towel, bin, poo, wee, buh buh (butter), keys, big, George, boom (broom), Lola, bah (bunny)

Monday, 5 May 2014



Her favourite garden job: watering. She'll water flowers, leaves, trees, cats, herself...

Thursday, 1 May 2014

May Day: Nature in the Home

A little posy in a jar for a friend. A quick run around the garden to collect flowers revealed more colour and texture than I first thought I had: bright anemones with their dark centres, globe headed chive flowers, dusky sage flowers, delicate bluebells, a few heads of French lavender, the pink-purple lilac, plus some greenery from the philadelphus.

Joining in with the Nature in the Home series - here's to a summer of flowers!