Tuesday, 6 May 2014

23 months

Dear my favourite girl, 

23 months is a fun age. Yes, it has its tricky times, but you are so funny, so energetic and so lovely that those "NOOOOO!" moments soon fade into the background.

At 23 months old you are...

Loving: Baby, having your hair dried, fiddling with mummy's/daddy's/anyone's hair, talking on the 'phone' (old remote control!), choosing which colour nappy to wear next, raisins, cheese, blueberries, digging in the garden, chasing the neighbourhood cats, wearing a scarf like mummy, putting your shoes on, drawing with felt tips, painting, singing, reading Room on the Broom, reading the Alfie books, flowers, teddy, playing with the dogs in the bath, lying on the floor and kicking your legs while laughing madly, finding the picture cards that are the same, climbing up onto your booster seat/pushchair, dogs, sticks, pinecones, setting the table, holding hands, going to the library, trains, flowers, eating pears, blowing dandelion clocks, painting, sitting on the sofa with the blanket and a story. 

Not liking: being in the pushchair when you want to walk, black headed gulls, nap time when you argue that you're not tired (you are really...)

Words are coming thick and fast now - I think this may be one of the last times I type this list out, but I'm very glad to have the record.

nere (in there, on there), in, miaow, mummy, dada, daada, manma, dair (hair), tock (clock), shoes, drink, sleep, tea, vroom, rah (red), whah (white), ray (grey), lellow, boo (blue), back (black), geeen (green), pnk (pink), baa (sheep), moo (cow), buck buck (chicken), dog, elephant noise, clip clop (horse), yeah, no, day (hat), painting, hiii, byeee, ball, wowww, cheese, Raa Raa, duck, deddy, bubbles, baby, book, dory (story), boon (spoon), down, gone, owl, bag, swim, swing, bed, chair, fwower, frog, bash (splash), teeth, nana (thank you), meeese (please), Bibby, dig, nee nah, bee, roarrrrr, door, paper, egg, agh (cuddle), bird, tweet tweet (bird), bang, toes, nose, dar (star), tree, leaves, off, hand, arm, knee, bees (blueberries, bob bob bob (fish), boo, mouk (milk), O-O (H), Tate (K), up, tickle, clip, bib, ow, more, boon (balloon), cake, bike, bowl, plate, ding, towel, bin, poo, wee, buh buh (butter), keys, big, George, boom (broom), Lola, bah (bunny)


  1. Such a lovely list to remember this age. I love that skirt, so sweet! xx

  2. Her skirt is adorable.

    And I love the way you have written out all of the words that she says.

    I was just watching some old videos of my little boy who is two and a half now - it's so funny to listen to him babbling as a one year old. He sounds quite eloquent now in comparison ;) But I remember his funny words for some things. Blue-bees, similar to yours. Blueberries are still his favourite now.

    A very pretty blog - I happened upon it through Mumsnet :-)


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