Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The first rose

The roses that line the front of our house are all poised. Full-budded. Ready to spring forth. A few have dared to bloom this week, despite the torrential downpours we have been treated to. This one was the first. And with its pale peachy ruffles and a scent that is good enough for a perfume bottle, I'm very glad it's here.

This week in May seems to be the start of rose season at our house - I can remember snipping an almost identical rose this time two years ago, whilst sitting and cuddling my three-day-old baby girl. That same three-day-old baby girl turns two on Friday. Blink and you'll miss it is the way time seems to be moving. Wow.

Joining in with Nature in the Home - this beauty is now resplendent on our dining table.


  1. Beautiful :-) And happy birthday to your little girl for Friday. Time does tend to have a habit of whoooshing by.

  2. So pretty, the photo and the words. I always think that Mother's Day is the turning point for our roses here where I live. That's the second Sunday in May. The roses always bloom within a few days of that.

  3. Beautiful! Love that colour. xx


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